Participation in the conference excluding publications and accommodation is free.
The number of places for conference participants is limited
(the first day of the conference: 90 people, the second day of the conference: 40 people).
Priority to participate in the conference have:

  • submitting a publication and presenting,
  • representatives of scientific units,
  • entrepreneur,
  • representatives of local government, administrative units, etc.

Free participation in the conference includes:

  • participation in conference proceedings on the first day of the conference,
  • two coffee breaks on the first day of the conference,
  • dinner on the first day of the conference,
  • participation in the conference banquet on the first day of the conference,
  • conference materials in the form of conference presentations, recorded on an electronic medium,
  • participation in two study visits on the second day of the conference,
  • meal on the second day of the conference.

Accommodation is not covered by financing.

Payments for publication should be made to the account:

38 1240 3028 1111 0010 3742 2119

Technical University of Lodz

Żeromskiego 116 Street, 90-924 Lodz

title: ICPM-PP2018 / name and surname of the publishing person

*fee amount:
for Polish-language articles = PLN 300 (reviews, work of editors, cover design)
for English-language articles = PLN 600 (140 EURO) (reviews, work of editors, cover design, proofreading, “open access” fee)